8 tips for the maintenance and cleaning of leather bags

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Leather handbags are one of the basic accessories of any women's wardrobe. And as such, it needs good maintenance to maintain its appearance as the first day.

The skin is a much more delicate material than other synthetic materials. For that reason, you need special care and extreme delicacy to avoid ruining the purse of your dreams with a stain or scratch.

So that does not happen, we recommend you follow the following tips to keep any leather bag in good condition:


If we are going to keep our leather bag stored for a long period of time, we recommend filling it with onion paper to avoid its deformation. Above all, do not use other papers that have printed ink as newspapers or magazines. You could stain the inside of your bag if it is transferred.


We recommend keeping your bag in a cotton sleeve to avoid rubbing and wearing with other items in your closet.

Avoid excessive weight.

If you carry too much your leather bag and carry an excessive weight, you could end up damaging the handles and increase the wear of them.

No sun, no humidity.

It is very important to keep our leather bag in a space that is not exposed to sunlight. As well as in a place that maintains a high level of humidity. If so, we could end up with the color tonality of our bag.

Dry cleaning.

The best way to clean a leather bag is to use a dry white cotton cloth. In this way, we will avoid the appearance of spots.


We recommend to moisturize your skin bag every six months with products such as make-up milk and cotton. After applying a few strokes you will see how the skin is free of dirt.

If it's wet, no dryer!

If our leather bag gets wet because of a sudden rain or the carelessness of a drink, never use the dryer as a drying method. You must use a dry cotton cloth to absorb moisture and avoid the presence of a permanent stain.

Cosmetics, always in need. 

Makeup, rimmel, rouge or a good lipstick are essential accessories in any woman's bag. For this reason, we recommend you always carry them inside a bag to avoid ruining our leather bag if one is opened by mistake.


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